Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Recro®, we believe that a diverse and engaged team contributes to greater business success. We strive to build a diverse community and foster a culture of belonging where we openly share our thoughts, ideas, and perspectives and encourage others to do the same. We are committed to putting resources and attention toward attracting diverse talent, improving engagement, and development of the amazing talent we have.

Recruiting for the Future

  • Create a workforce broadly reflective of the larger communities in which we operate

Developing and Thriving

  • Support employees in building the skills and capacity to work in an inclusive environment
  • Promote internal development through multiple learning channels, special projects, and promotions

A Belonging Culture

  • Build a welcoming workplace where employees recognize that their unique characteristics, skills, and experiences are respected, valued, and celebrated

Looking Forward

We believe that the company’s investment in, and a strong commitment to, diversity, equity & inclusion will solidify Recro as a great place to work and a premier, trusted CDMO that brings tailored solutions to our clients while fostering engaging and rewarding careers for our people.

Led by our newly appointed Vice President of People, Culture, and ESG, the company is working to create specific goals to continue to prioritize these three main pillars of the diversity, equity, & inclusion program.