Formulation Development

Flexible Solutions for Complex Formulations

Recro provides robust formulation development services that support the development of a variety of pharmaceutical products. 

We advance the development of quality products such as extended release oral solid dosage forms and DEA controlled substances, as well as cGMP clinical supplies. Our expert scientists conduct feasibility studies to identify critical variables, identify inefficiencies and optimize process development. Our team has the experience and equipment to anticipate and address potential issues on your product’s path to commercialization.

Recro’s scientists are multi-particulate controlled release experts and innovators. We bring extensive experience in Wurster processing, rotor powder layering and rotary granulation for precision coating application and optimized solubility. Our pharmaceutical reformulation capabilities and patented technologies application enable the development of new dosage forms or extended release to expand your product line. Our team then helps with the regulatory planning, risk assessments and regulatory submissions.

Take your formulation to the next level