Formulation Development in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Flexible Solutions for Complex Formulations, R&D to Commercial

Recro provides robust development services for oral solid dose formulations in all phases

You can depend on Recro® formulators to help you develop quality oral solid dosage forms, including extended release products and DEA controlled substances, as well as cGMP clinical supplies. Our expert scientists conduct feasibility studies to identify critical variables, eliminate inefficiencies, and optimize process development. You will work with a team that commands the experience and equipment to speed your product on its way from R&D through commercialization.

Partner With Us for Oral Solid Dose, Benchtop to cGMP

For comprehensive details on:

  • Capabilities, Concept Through Commercialization
  • Analytical Equipment
  • Process Equipment
  • Scale and Capacity
  • Compliance History
  • Facilities, Including cGMP

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It’s important to ask key questions early in development that will make a significant difference down the road when you move into scale-up/late stage and commercial. Recro asks those questions.”

Brittany L. Hayes, Ph.D., Director Applied Technology

Begin Your Recro Journey With Formulation Development — and Stay Throughout Your Product’s Life Cycle

In pharmaceutical development, transferring your process to a new organization is always a risk and potential headache quite likely to affect timelines, cost, and quality. Avoid this by partnering with one of the most experienced teams in the business starting from the formulation development stage. At Recro, we have the diversity of capability, ingenuity, perseverance, and scientific excellence to handle even your most complex development projects.

You benefit from:

  • Proactive problem solving
  • Reasoned approach to regulatory affairs at every stage
  • Top-notch formulation, process, and analytical method development
  • Proven quality systems

We don’t have that firewall between the technical team and the customer.”

Richard Sidwell, Ph.D., Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer

Our Scientists Talk to You

Your molecule is important. So, we do our best to understand your goals and address what keeps you up at night. Building long-term relationships is important to us, and we value collaboration. Because we are not a huge conglomerate, we can be fast, flexible, attentive, and responsive.

You’ll have a consistent team throughout your project’s life cycle, and easy, regular access to the people in the functions that you need to move your project forward. If you have a technical or timing question, our experts are just a phone call away.

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