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How to Select the Right Polymers for Your Modified Release Tablet or Capsule

Polymer selection helps determine whether your modified release (MR) product achieves its target drug release profile. This fact sheet explains the differences between polymers for sustained and modified release dosage forms and how to choose the polymer that best suits your product.


Choosing a CDMO for Your Reformulation Needs

Reformulating an oral solid dosage (OSD) product can be challenging. Here are considerations for making sure you choose a CDMO partner with the right combination of experience, equipment, and technology for your drug product reformulation project.


New Product Filing Strategies: Questions to Ask Your CDMO

Navigating regulatory requirements to achieve final approval and product launch can be a complex, time-consuming, and costly endeavor. How do you know your CDMO has the proper experience and capabilities to guide you through the submission process and support your post-approval needs? Here are some questions to ask.


Recro Fact Sheet

Download our development and manufacturing solutions fact sheet to get the details on our facilities, capabilities from concept through commercialization, Category 3A/3B potency capabilities, regulatory approvals and registrations, and specializations.