The Recro Approach to Proactive Improvement in Established QC Laboratory Processes

Ongoing Systematic Vigilance and Focused Mitigation Build in Efficiency and Prevent Error

Pharmaceutical quality control testing leaves no room for error. Yet both clients and members of contract QC labs are acutely aware that failures in accuracy, consistency, and on-time delivery are all too common. Flaws in project approaches, techniques, methods, and processes can easily lead to false data — data customers rely on to guide critical decisions.

Proactively uncovering issues and resolving human errors to prevent defects in our QC labs is a priority. While it may sound simple, this activity is actually very complex. Being able to gather multiple layers of information and analyze it in a meaningful way that supplies evidence to drive stepwise improvements is both complicated and vital. We have developed a reliable, systematic, data-gathering approach that helps us build in efficiencies and future-proof processes to better serve our clients.

the recro approach to proactive improvement in established qc laboratory processes.